Nasal Septum Perforation

What is Septum?

The septum is the name of the wall that divides the nostril into two.

What is Septum Perforation?

Septum perforation is the hole formed in this wall. You didn’t get it wrong, hold the septum on both sides with your thumb and forefinger and imagine that there is a hole there. Pretty unsettling feeling, right? Now I will tell you why this could happen and how I fixed this hole with my own technique.

-Long-term nasal sprays, chemicals, and trauma (blows) can cause this hole. However, the most common cause is previous nose surgery.

-How can we tell if there is a hole in the septum without checking it with our fingers? If you have complaints such as nasal congestion, dryness, bleeding, whistling or runny nose while breathing, you should definitely consult your doctor.

-Although the techniques used today are generally unsuccessful, I apply my own technique that has been accepted in the literature. I take the muscle membrane from a 3-4 cm incision made on the outside of the patient’s own upper leg and close the hole in the septum with this membrane.

Thanks to this technique, the success rate reaches 90%.

Nasal Septum Perforation
Nasal Septum Perforation

More detailed information will be given about the conditions to be considered before and after the surgery, possible complications and possible risks.